The list of speakers for 3Dcamp 2014 :

  • Edmond Harty - keynote: The journey from hacking and inventing to the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award
  • Dr. Edmond Harty is the CEO and technical director of Dairymaster a milking equipment manufacturer with its global headquarters in Causeway, County Kerry, Ireland. In 2012, he was presented with the title of International and overall Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year by President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins.

    Harty is a mechanical engineer with a degree from University of Limerick. He joined Dairymaster in 1998, while studying for a PhD in University College Dublin where he focused on milking performance.
    He has pioneered a number of new products and has over 40 patents filed to date as a result of work on product development with devices ranging from vacuum regulators and electronic milk metering to state of the art animal feeding systems.

  • Ton Zijlstra (special guest speaker) - Mixing Open Data and Making To Solve Things
  • Ton Zijlstra is an entrepreneur and has a background in technology and philosophy. He is fascinated by the new affordances that connectedness provides, and the consequences connectedness has beyond the scope of the technology involved. He’s been at the forefront of open government data across Europe since 2008, was until recently the chairman of the FabLab Foundation for the BeNeLux countries, and organizes barcamp-style unconferences with his wife for their birthdays. He’s been blogging about these and more interests since 2002.

  • Adrian McEwen(special guest speaker)- The Internet of Things and Digital Fabrication: A Recipe for New Business?
  • Adrian McEwen has been connecting devices to the Internet since 1995-first cash registers, then mobile phones, and now bubble machines and lamps. He founded MCQN Ltd., an Internet of Things product agency and is co-founder of DoES Liverpool, a hybrid co-working/makerspace that is the home for tech startups in Liverpool. His book Designing the Internet of Things was published by Wiley in late 2013.
    He was one of the first employees at STNC Ltd, which built the first web browser for mobile phones and was acquired by Microsoft in 1999. Now Adrian concentrates on how the Internet of Things intersects with people’s lives and how heterogeneous networks of devices should work together, and lectures and speaks on these issues internationally. You can find him on the Internet at www.mcqn.com, or follow him on Twitter as @amcewen

  • David Hunt - PiPhone - the Raspberry Pi based smartphone
  • Eimear McCormack - Augmenting the Future
  • Tracey Lauriaut,Leighton Evans, Sophia Maalsen  - The Programmable City Project
  • Dr Tracey P. Lauriault examines data, infrastructures, spatial data infrastructures, open data, big data and civic engagement. She focuses on how data shape cities and people. (http://www.nuim.ie/progcity/contributors/tracey-p-lauriault/)

    Dr Leighton Evans investigates how software has transformed modes of working and the nature and forms of work in software-mediated work environments. (http://www.nuim.ie/progcity/contributors/leighton-evans/)

    Dr Sophia Maalsen examines the discourses and practices of city governance translated into code. She will be doing ethnographic research and algorithm archaeology to excavate how ideas are translated into code to construct code biographies. (http://www.nuim.ie/progcity/contributors/sophia-maalsen/)
    Project Website: http://www.nuim.ie/progcity/

  • Aine Behan - Brain Knows Best; Using Technology To Harness Your Potential
  • Alex Gibson - Augmented Reality: Marketing Dream?
  • Elmine Wijnia - Unconferencing your birthday: Maker-style
  • Elmine Wijnia is a creative knowledge omnivore who loves to tell stories through video and writing. With a background in Communication Philosophy she guides clients who are willing to reflect on or reinvent themselves through change processes, using any tool that is appropriate to tell the story and get the work done.

    She loves to connect the wonderful people she got to know online over the years, so, together with her husband, every few years she organizes a birthday party conference. To explore ideas, share solutions, ask questions and step into unknown territory together.

  • Anthony Geertz - Crypto Currencies -The Potentials & The Risk
  • Javier Buron Garcia- Self-build and the maker movement
  • Bianca Ní Ghrógaín & Hassan Dabbagh - Makey-Makey Workshop
  • Conor O’Neill - Hacking by Google Search - Building hardware with no electronics knowledge
  • Conor Dore - 3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualisation of Existing Architecture
  • Javier Buron Garcia & Michael McLoughlin- Fab Lab Limerick, a bottom-up approach
  • Gavin Duffy -The Gamification of GIS - Simulating the Real World
  • Gavin has a background in geophysics and spent 10 years in industry and academia, working in Canada, Spain, Australia and Ireland. It was while researching how to extract 3-dimensional information from photography that he discovered the potential of gaming technology for real world 3D simulations. In 2008 he set up RealSim Limited, initially providing a powerful planning and communication tool to the planning and development community, but later expanding their services to the marine, archaeological, industrial and medical device sectors. Gavin also manages, RealSim Games which was established to commercialise RealSim’s R&D in 3D apps and games.

  • Anthony Kelly- WeCreate FabLab Cloughjordan
  • James Corbett - Why Zuck’s no schmuck - the future of virtual reality
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